- About the kind of Vinyl Graphic
First, when Vinyl Graphi c, what? If it says easily, it is a sticker. It is because it is made of the plastic seat. It is a seat for the open air in the durability 5-7 that there are various kinds in the seat, and is used for the car. There are various colors and transparency and Mirror and Lame in this. The limit character being put well in the rear window of the car is a character which this color seat is cut from and to make. Because this plastic seat is made from vinyl chloride, alias : When ENB I, it is being called. Therefore, a graphic print was done as Vinyl Graphic was this OnsokuKid. The protection seat of the transparency is being put neatly in the print side, the protection of the paints and the one for the U V-cut. It can be printed on this as well though there is a thing of the surface of a mirror by the thing being spent with high-class Mirror Seat later the inside. The thing of a single color to sell cheap is a type cut. The thing of two colors is put and checked. Both are smart. When it says from the viewpoint of price, the vinyl chloride, solid mirror of two colors of two colors rise in mirror, the order of the vinyl chloride print and the mirror print as to the solid vinyl chloride. It thinks that you have only to choose it with the taste. As for the details, ask separately.

- Basic color(When it clicks on the photograph, an expansion photograph can be seen.)
color1 color2 color3 color4 color5 color6
A marking film in durable 5 and more for the open air of TACKPAINT of VIEWCAL of SAKURAI and SEKISUI is being used for the seat fundamentally. A manufacturer deals with various others.

- Preparation charge(It is the magnification which made a normal seat a base. )
- StarMetal Two times
StarMetalLame Two times
METARIC 1.2 times

- Mirror and Metaric, reflection and Graphic Print .(When it clicks on the photograph, an expansion photograph can be seen.)
Graphic Print Mirror Metaric Reflection usual Reflection luminosity
This image is with the protection seat because a protection seat sticks to Mirror so that a wound may not appear before the cut. It becomes a mirror when a protection seat is torn off. Unlike common Mirror, silver is a level a mirror. When a detailed bead is put inside and light hits it, a reflection seat reflects it, and light is sent out.