The best is given to it for that protection, and it works with OnsokuFactory "http : //onsokufactory.com" to respect the privacy of the guest of the use and to make it use it confidently. It is written about the individual information protection of the guest of OnsokuFactory that OnsokuFactory is managed about the way of thinking, the correspondence with our policy.

- 1 : What kind of individual information are you collecting in what kind of method?

It is made to write down the individual information of the information which is necessary for shopping at the time of the purchase in our site by the name, address, telephone number, mail address and so on.Similar information is asked when it is made to order it by FAX, the telephone and the mail.

- 2 : What do you use collected individual information for?

To let me use it to stick in the individual information of the guest collected with OnsokuFactory and to deliver the goods of the order to the designated place certainly. It is never disclosed to the third party without notice, and this information is never used with a purpose except for sending off of the order at 2 o'clock.

- Contact by mail

It lets me transmit the sending off mail of the baggage and the gratitude mail of the receipt of money to the one to the mail address with OnsokuFactory except that it is confirmed about the contents of the order. The mail which doesn't go along the guest's will except for the above is never sent.

- 3 : The joint ownership of the individual information .

Guest information is shared on the occasion of sending off of the order in the case shown below. Only when it is ordered, it is used, and all the indication to the second use, third party except for that of that every time isn't forgiven.

- Home delivery

"Yamato Transport Co.,Ltd." is being used for the delivery of the baggage of the order. Information is never provided for the invoice with a purpose except for that " the guest's name and an address and an address" though it is mentioned because baggage is delivered.

-Direct delivery goods

When direct delivery does goods from the " direct delivery goods" maker, a maker is told about the guest's name, the address and the address. A maker never uses guest information except for sending off of the order.

- 4 : About the control of the individual information .

Collected information is managed by OnsokuFactory. It is managed strictly it is never disclosed at all without the said person's comprehension.

- 5 : The indication of the information established as the law .

It may be disclosed with OnsokuFactory to the public organization when guest's individual information indication is asked by the law of the law.

- 6 : About the change of the privacy policy .

And, when it is here, the contents of the privacy policy let a change guide a change in our site.

-7 : Inquiry about the individual information .

It asks for inquiry about the individual information protection of OnsokuFactory to the following.

Representative Shun Inada
E-Mail : info@onsokufactory.com