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- MAX-PROTECT is original.

OnsokuFactory developed MAX-PROTECT as sellable roll material for decare to use under the severe situation including motocross and the kart racing and started sale in June, 2005.
It is the protection sheet that let OnsokuFactory is based on a motocross race, and a test mature repeatedly.
If you sailed it up and could check the article of the magazine, it was clear at a glance, but even two of them were four of them, but, in the beginning of development, such an exclusive roll material did not exist at all, and there was only the laminating of the ready-made article.
Because material, thickness, combination, an ingredient are totally different from MAX-PROTECT in all with a copy product and the imitation, strength and the durability are never different.
Naturally the a great variety of industries to think about to make an imitation if it is convenient, and there is a thing to be enough for which does not come in what a visitor purchases thinks in these 10 years.
Because we turn down a brand name in the industry of the various quarters except other races relations and race relations from the beginning of development and wholesale it, naturally such to think about to make an imitation if it is convenient, and there is a thing to be enough for thinks.
Any place other than delivery of goods, produced a product of the copy confusion that changed thickness and size, and was similar; name it, and see several examples to misappropriate a sentence of our HP, and have the report from a visitor.
Because a person, the visitor whom OnsokuFactory and the relation included before are concerned with such a supplier by all means, I know it immediately.

Because only OnsokuFactory Inada and the factory person in charge of the developer know the recipe and do not tell me, I can never make the thing of the same level.
There will not be the mind to merely teach anyone other than one of the successor in future either.
In addition, it can be caught up with nobody in future because we improve it regularly.
By the way, OnsokuFactory Inada of the developer is from a chemical system department.

It is certain whether you purchase it from our direct marketing, our agency, our business tie-up if I obtain it from our support team, our support player.
In addition, a thing same by this route exists a lot because we still turn down the name to many trustworthy suppliers and wholesale it.

We will be happy in future if many visitors can realize that the originals always evolve because OnsokuFactory only pursues the MAX-PROTECT strongest.

- The development of MAX-PROTECT .

MAX-PROTECT does a development & test individually with OnsokuFactory, and it is a made protection film.
The various characters of the adhesive medicine were checked, too, and adhesive power was how resistant to the vertical direction as to it, and how resistant to the side direction, and it was tested, and a clear part made it in comma how much mm of thickness in comma how much mm of thickness as well and so on the adhesive layer .
It wasn't good, but it was convenient, and strong, and prepared for the thing of the ideal thickness at a stage of a test if it was thick though the thing of the double present thickness was checked, too.

- Adhesive double-coated tape and a difference in adhesive processing .

Though generally the production of the sticker doesn't ask it an ink-jet print and a silk print and it is made by putting the thing of the strong adhesion of both sides seat (the big seal type of the adhesive double-coated tape), as for MAX-PROTECT, in the factory, from the liquid of the super-strong adhesion for MAX-PROTECT, in the ideal thickness .
It doesn't come off easily by keeping the condition which is always fresh by this, and learns to provide a durable thing.
As for the adhesive medicine, deterioration begins from the place to touch air.
In a word, deterioration begins at a moment to make an adhesive double-coated tape in the factory.
Therefore, an adhesive double-coated tape does considerable deterioration because it turns around around a place to vary and it is received before even the type of the strong adhesion passes a business company and passes a selling agent and passes a retail store and it reaches guest's hand.
MAX-PROTECT is made regularly by using the powerful material only in a domestic factory one company which gave a secret contract from a stage of a test, and it reduces stock, and it gives careful consideration to so that it can provide as fresh a thing as possible.
It is important that it can be managed in the range that an eye reaches from the production of the material to the condition of the deterioration in the various aspects, too.

- As for the plastic material and the congeniality of the adhesive medicine?

The deterioration of the plastic part is important except for the deterioration of the adhesive medicine, too.
The congeniality of the adhesive medicine and the thing of the plastic material isn't fundamentally good.
A plastic part is stiffened, too, and it contracts, and deterioration is early.
It is said that it is a big problem for the plastic business world and the adhesive business world best to say a plastic and the nickname of the adhesive medicine both the present and the old days it is very difficult .
As for a form's deviating and the part of the adhesion being dirty, the overseas thing sold in the volume retailer is because it contracts and a plastic and adhesive medicine do a chemical reaction and deteriorates if it tries to put it.

- What is the sticker of the fuel tank, and come off soon?

Fuel tank contains gasoline.
There are often not gasoline and plastic material, congeniality of the adhesive medicine in element, either.
Therefore, adhesive medicine is melting gradually, and it becomes a feeling that adhesive power declines.
It is to do air cutout processing by punching of the moderate size that the pattern which the production of the adhesive layer of the moderate thickness doesn't come off from easily is made to make the sticker for which to restrain this and which lasts long.
You don't have only to make a hole suitably, either.
A test is done, and the hole of the moderate size is arranged by the moderate arrangement.

- Original sticker is recommended.

Because the thing of the sticker consists of the matter that the thing whose congeniality is bad is combined fundamentally, a pattern is taken with the same material so that a sticker may not come off easily and it may be easy that it may be put, and it is suggested that as fresh a thing as possible is spent.
Therefore OnsokuFactory provides as fresh a thing as possible.
pattern makes an individual thing by using MAX-PROTECT from 1, too.
Try a difference in the sticker which used a quantity 販 thing and material for common use, and the MAX-PROTECT sticker once, and see it.
When it thinks in the year, it thinks that money can be surely saved.
Cheap thing is put many times, and hatched, or a good thing is spent long it is it.
How to make a sticker can make both of the silk prints which the ink-jet print of the solvent ink type for the open air and UV were processed into.
The production of the transparency type sticker and both ink-jet and white ink can be used more, too.
There is no white ink in the ink-jet because it occurs to contain a printer for the family, too, and to print it on the fundamentally white thing.
There is some white ink in some of the large printers recently to print it on the thing of the transparency.
OnsokuFactory copes with white ink.
All colors become translucent condition when it is printed in the transparency type.
That becomes transparent with a transparency type when it wants to put the white logo which avoids this translucence by white.
White ink is important to avoid such condition.
It is to that benefit to print white by the silk print in the ground work.
The cut of the sticker corresponds to the exterior beautifully because it is a machine cut, too.

- MAX-PROTECT, recently .

MAX-PROTECT are a splash prevention countermeasure related to the auto race and a guard (Ferrari trophy such as a pebble of Aero, GT and D besides the production of the motocross sticker (A manufacturer team is contained, too.) and the Racing Kart sticker by the cooperation such as an agency.
At present, there are four types with MP1, MP1H, MP2 and MP3.

- The characteristics of the ink-jet print and the silk print .

Ink-jet print : It doesn't face the mass production that quality of output is made beautifully by the low price.
Silk print : Quality of output can be wild, and it is for the mass production.

- About the agency contract and the business cooperation contract .

Because there were many consultations from the man in the same trade, a business cooperation contract was established from former times from this year by not completing a good thing pretty well with the problem such as material and the materials.

As for the agency contract, a car shop, a motorcycle shop, and so on are contracted by a master with the contents which it has go as a selling agent by the agency special contract the order of the goods, the sales, and so on .

Therefore, all the stickers become production over here.

Sticker production is done fundamentally with the business cooperation dealer because a business cooperation contract becomes cooperation with the dealer who takes on a design office, OnsokuFactory like a sticker production dealer, the same business.
A feature news な case sometimes does it over here.

- The advantage of the business cooperation dealer .

The sticker (quality equal to OnsokuFactory) which MAX-PROTECT is used for can be made.
MAX-PROTECT of all the kinds for the production can be purchased.
The offer of the pattern of all the car kinds of the sound speed Factory.
The offer of the know-how of OnsokuFactory.
Mutual cooperation such as an advertisement and the sales.
A cooperation dealer specifies a production price.
A cooperation dealer specifies a support contract, too.