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3, MARCH 2018

- We updated the list of our supporting teams and athletes.


Everyone, thank you for your support.

1, FEBRUARY 2018


Support team's SRM Mountain Riders started selling fluorescent specifications that mature for one season at 2017 All Japan Motocross Championships and Regional Championships.
Product name is MAX-PROTECT MP2 NEON.
Matte neon can also be produced in combination with MP1 STEALTH.
It is very good for a town riding motorcycle

1, FEBRUARY 2018

- We updated a list of our agencies.

- RS TAICHI * TEL : 072-874-5315
- TAKAISHI NIRIN * TEL : 0725-41-8198

- We updated our business alliance list.

- Cocoa Project * TEL : 0123-57-3758

1, FEBRUARY 2018

- Our 2017 support teams and support riders

It is our 2017 support teams and sticker of support riders.
Thank you for supporting us in 2017.

A support team of 2018, the support player are gradually selected, too.
The person wanting support, please send a plan book by email attachment or mail.

Thanking you in advance.

1, FEBRUARY 2018


* MAX-PROTECT NEON has been added, except change.

We upload the latest edition about the motocross on the page of the motocross.
The decare set of the kart racing is 32,000 yen (tax-excluded) + data production charges in full size by deferment.

In other pages of this homepage, the price of mention becomes all currently on this top page because the change to the new price list is not done.

*Example 1
When you can design you by handwriting and want to order it from us from data production : 5,000yen-(Data price) + Production costs

*Example 2
When you are decided to undergo only a rough design : 10,000yen-(Design price) + Production costs

*Example 3
The place where you want to order all it from a design : 30,000yen-(Design price) + Production costs

*** Usually exterior print sticker production rate ***

-PRINT PRICE(total 1 square meter in area area. Cut work includes it.)
* Medium-and-long term exterior polyvinyl chloride (UV Lamy includes it) : 20,000yen
* Medium-and-long term exterior polyvinyl chloride (UV Lamy includes it) : 28,000yen(Metallic type)
* Long term exterior polyvinyl chloride (UV Lamy includes it) : 24,000yen
* Long term exterior polyvinyl chloride (UV Lamy includes it) : 40,000yen(Metallic type)
* MAX-PROTECT(MAX-PROTECT Lamy includes it) : 34,000yen

* MAX-PROTECT NEON (MAX-PROTECT Lamy includes it) : 50,000yen * Iron print (Various materials) : 24,000yen
**The above is square meter unit price.(1 square meter or less number of 1 square meter of unit price x square meter x 1.2 (surcharge))
**The material of the iron print is strong gross for light color, strong mat for light color, four kinds for water repellency, the nylon material for the resublimation prevention (polyester jerseys).

*** A design price, data price, a work price, the appointed date of delivery ***

* Design price (full order) : 30,000yen-
* Design price (rough original bill existence) : 10,000yen-
* Data price : 5,000yen-
* Design data bringing(The last adjustment) : 1,000yen (When a correction is necessary, data correction charges are necessary separately.)
**The purchase designs charges which is impossible of diversion such as company are 200,000 yen ...
**Data price is included in a design price.

* Work price to put(One area half day) : 30,000yen-200,000yen x The work number of people
* Work price to tear off(One area half day): 30,000yen-200,000yen x The work number of people
* Punching work price(One tank) : 3,000yen
* Medium-and-long term exterior polyvinyl chloride, iron print (half cut) : 3,000yen x The number of the square meters
* MAX-PROTECT specifications (die cut) : 5,000yen x The number of the square meters
* Subdivision delivery of goods of the half cut : 2,000yen-5,000~yen x The number of the square meters
**In the case of a business trip (work on construction) separately transportation expenses, the hotel charges (in the case of a distant place)
**In the case of staying in distant place, it becomes the construction wage for the restriction days.

* Design & data production : One week to two weeks
* Production of the product : One week
* PUT/TEAR OFF : Half day - around several days
* Urgently (lower than one week) : From minimum period of three days (2 production costs surcharges)
** On delivery date, it is the total days of the design & data production + product production (including a print, the cut).

** A consumption tax and the postage need these separately.