-DESIGN ORDER(When it clicks on the image, an expansion image can be shown.)

- Write down the inquiry and the order in the order seat.
The estimate of the dealer sales is done, too.
  Order seat

- The said person confirmation is told after the order seat confirmation.
Ask without reserve only by the order seat because it doesn't become order completion.

- The standard of the one-off price .(Separately, postage and a payment commission are necessary.)

- Design fee . (Data preparation fee )
5,000 yen - (Design bringing .)
20,000 yen - (Design order.)

- Product preparation fee . (It is put, by the execution fee .)
30,000 yen - (2500mm x 500mm Left-right set . )
20,000 yen - (BigScooter full-scale size . )
25,000 yen - (Graphic print sticker for Racing kart)

- Limit character cut price .(It is a normal seat price. )
8cm x 30cm - 735 yen
15cm x 60cm - 1,680 yen
25cm x 100cm - 3,150 yen

- The above is a normal seat price.
- A price changes in the kind of the graphic print and the seat, the size, and so on.
- They are a Metaric 1.2 times, the reflection of 1.5 times, a Mirror 2 times and a Lame 2 times.
- It is discounted in the multiple number of sheets.
- A manufacturer logo is made, too.

- In such cases as the one for the distribution, about the production of many stickers .
- When it is made in many, a print sticker can be made by the low price.
- When more than 1,000 sheets are made, there is silk printing and so on which a pattern fee should be necessary.
- A unit price goes down 1 sheet more as for the one that it was made in the graphic print so long as a pattern fee and so on is unnecessary if they are less than 1,000 sheets.
- Though it is based on the number of cuts as well and so on, about 120 sheets-150 sheets are taken by the sticker cut in the size in the rectangle 10cm with 1 Taira rice.(It changes in the vertical width. )
- For example, when 100 sheets are taken, it is about 30,000 yen by 1 sheet 300 yen by 100 sheets.
- When 150 sheets are taken, it is about 30,000 yen by 1 sheet 200 yen by 150 sheets.

-An estimate is done when it is made because a price changes in the size, the difficulty of the cut, and so on.

- Card production .(Design fee is separately necessary in case of new case. )
- Settlement side full color .
100 sheets 10,500 yen
250 sheets 12,600 yen
500 sheets 14,700 yen

- Settlement side full color/back black and white .
100 sheets 15,750 yen
250 sheets 17,850 yen
500 sheets 19,950 yen

- Both sides full color .
100 sheets 21,000 yen
250 sheets 23,100 yen
500 sheets 26,250 yen

- A4 size Flier .(A design fee is separately necessary in case of new case. )
- Settlement side full color .
500 sheets 15,750 yen
1000 sheets 18,900 yen

- Settlement side full color/back black and white .
500枚 sheets 26,250 yen
1000枚 sheets 30,450 yen

- Both sides full color .
500 sheets 31,500 yen
1000枚 sheets 35,700 yen

A4 size flier Card Seal Seal

Ask because others, the poster, the post-card and the seal are made of what as well.

- About the HP production .
Ask about the HP production fee because an estimate is done separately because it is changing with the number of pages and the contents (in such cases as the processing of the motion picture and the still picture).

- We are using solvent ink for the graphic print. It is more resistant to the ultraviolet rays, the water, and so on than pigment ink.The seat of the type U V-cut is put more, and the protection of the print side is being given. MAX-PROTECT adoption goods protect a print side with MAX-PROTECT in the change of this seat.